$150 a bundle? Is that really a #bundledeal?

GIRLLLLL if you don't stop paying $150 a bundle!!

No really!!! $150 a bundle? By the time you put the 4th bundle in your cart, your SUBTOTAL will be $600!! Again, that's your subtotal. Not including whatever shipping fees, or any taxes included with your order. Listen listen listen Linda!!! ( have you seen that video LOL) You will not pay over $600 for hair that EVERYONE is wearing!!! Unless its RAW hair, you should not be spending anymore than $300 on hair ( 3 bundles, and a closure honey!! Not two bundles, STOP IT!!)

Yes, we love bundles. But we need to be real with ourselves. Does it make any sense to spend that much on JUST hair?! That hair better be able to wash itself.. TUHH!!!

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