#Whatclosure? #Whatfrontal?

What frontal? What closure?

This is a question that is always asked or presented when hairstylists and/or hair companies show their work or when clients want to show off their hair installation. It's also a popular hashtag on social media. But really, what does that mean? What frontal? What closure? 
It means when a lace front, 360 lace, or full lace frontal/unit is installed to perfection that you can't tell whether it's a lace front or your natural hair.
Here are examples: * not our work, wigs, or frontals


How can we achieve these looks?  Is the question.

Some of us watch tutorials, insta-stories, snaps and try so hard to achieve these looks. There is so much to learn and do. First you pluck your frontal, create baby hairs, lay your baby hairs, use different styling products, and the list goes on! Some of us follow directions and STILLdon't achieve the desired look. Some of us seek professional help to achieve these looks. And sometimes when you go to a professional, it's STILL not what you want.


  Well maybe some of these tutorials or social media stories are just illusions, and filtered out to where you THINK this is a flawless installation, but in person, their frontal is actually 'busted' (hmmmmm makes you think right?) 
This goes back to why JS Luxury Collection was created. It was to give you that desired look for half the price and work. Now we're not trying to push a sale on you. We're just giving you something to think about. 

So....Think about it =)
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